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BTDesign Award
Star Wars Ewok Adventures : Caravan Of Courage (1984)

Cast: Burl Ives .... Narrator (voice) , Eric Walker .... Mace , Warwick Davis .... Wicket W. Warrick , Fionnula Flanagan .... Catarine , Guy Boyd .... Jeremitt , Aubree Miller .... Cindel , Daniel Frishman .... Deej , Debbie Lee Carrington .... Weechee , Tony Cox .... Widdle , Kevin Thompson .... Chukha-Trok , Margarita Fernández .... Kaink , Pam Grizz .... Shodu , Bobby Bell .... Logray , Darryl Henriques .... Wicket (voice) (as Daryl Henriquez) , Sydney Walker .... Deej (voice) , Nancy Carlin .... Shodu (voice) , James Cranna .... Widdle (voice) (as Jim Cranna) , Hal Raylee .... Weechee (voice) , Robert Elross .... Logray (voice) , Pat Franklin .... Kaink (voice) , Michael Pritchard .... Chukha-Trok (voice) , rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Tiffany Brissette .... (voice) (uncredited) ,

Director(s): John Korty

Language: English

Genre: Adventure


When the Towani family crash their Starcruiser onto the planet Endor, the children, Cindel and Mace, are separated from their parents, who have been kidnapped by the evil monster Gorax. Now they must rescue their parents, but first they endeavor to befriend the shy, resourceful Ewoks, whose aid will prove integral to their operation.


motleymitch wrote on February 5, 2006, 12:47 am
I can't bomb this enough. It's the precursor to 'Battle For Endor' but much worse, and that's saying a lot. Long and plodding, it takes forever for any semblance of any story progression to get going. And oh, the FX! Zippers seen on the backs of Ewok costumes, terrible blue screens, a really bad stop-motion giant rat, and papier mache giant spiders. The bats-on-a-stick from Sesame Street's Count Von Count would not look out of place here.
And annoying child actors....oh Cindel, where are you now??

motleymitch wrote on February 5, 2006, 2:11 pm
Well, I found an updated picture of Aubree Miller (Cindel) and she's pretty cute! I couldn't post the pic, but check this link -


- it's the Star Wars Actors Database, and it's very thorough. It has pretty much everyone who's ever starred, appeared, cameo-d, voiced or done virtually anything acting-wise with anything Star Wars related - from the movies to the cartoons to the TV specials......neat.
Deril wrote on February 5, 2006, 9:04 pm
This was SOOOOOOO bad. At one point Mitch 7 I yelled at the TV (at the same time), "DO SOMETHING!!"

We were also amused that the "creatures" on Endor are basic Earth farm animals.

Also, apparently on Endor the best piece of equipment to own is rope Yup, that's what I said, plain ordinary rope. They used it for everything & anything, to the point where Mitch predicted that they'd use it to trip the bad guy.

Ps. I don't think Cyndel looks so great now. Kinda meh.

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