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BTDesign Award
Miami Vice (2006)

Cast: Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Gong Li, Luis Tosar, Naomie Harris, Tony Curran, Justin Theroux

Director(s): Michael Mann

Language: English

Genre: Adventure

Website: Click Here


Vice detectives James Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs take on the Florida drug world.


Papamikey wrote on January 9, 2006, 12:40 pm
This one's for Jeff, if he hasn't already seen it...


Is it set back in 1984? It seems Colin Ferrell (sp?) has a mullet and the Don Johnson white suit...

Papa Mikey!

motleymitch wrote on January 9, 2006, 2:49 pm
I saw the preview in the theaters, and within the first shot I knew right away it was a Michael Mann movie, then I saw Jamie Foxx and bingo! Miami Vice :The Movie.......ugh, this'll blow chunks, mark my word!
Deril wrote on January 9, 2006, 4:00 pm
I saw the preview and thought it looked good. I'm sure I'll be seeing it.
Jefferygn wrote on January 9, 2006, 10:49 pm
Oh I know that this is squarely within the PLONT realm, but come on, I grew up on this show. It was terrible, shallow, overly stylized, and idiotic, but hey, I was 13.

And yes, unless this film is completely panned, I will be seeing it, in the theatre. I know Mitch hates him, but Michael Mann is a first rate director with visual style unlike most.

motleymitch wrote on January 10, 2006, 12:47 am
I have nothing against Michael Mann....I watched Vice too and liked 'Collateral'....I just thought 'Heat' was a piece of garbage, speaking of over-stylized crap...I do find that he brings a great visual style to L.A. though, much like Woody Allen savours everything New York. I just think most TV to film projects are baloney. Anyways, we shall see what the lord almighty Ebert says....

Papamikey wrote on January 10, 2006, 9:26 am
One again Mitch: QAPLA!

You've topped 4,000 POINTS!!

What these points are for, only our beloved SysOp knows...maybe we can parlay them into free candy and beer? Or perhaps some time playing his 49th level Orc warrior in WOW?
motleymitch wrote on January 10, 2006, 11:20 am
4000 points! Well, all I can say is this....

MasterWoodsman wrote on January 10, 2006, 1:25 pm
As it says in the Site Info....

at 400 points you can add images to your posts
at 1000 points the ads disappear

Honestly, I need more ideas for the points. But I'm already back-logged on things to add to this site, so don't get too hopeful.

Projects for the next while...

1) Ability to change from Kent Brockman to other images
2) Ability to specify your own image instead of Mr.Burns and Homer
3) A full movie-of-the year system including a nomination system and then a full voting system. I want to get this done by spring 2006 so we can vote for the 2006 movies. I need catagories, such as Best movie, Worst Movie, Best B-Movie, Best boobies, Best Music, etc....
4) I need a logo for this site! Something I can put on the front page as well as on the trophy for movie of the years
5) A spelling checker as well as a preview for review postings. (Almost complete)
6) I need to rework how images are appearing on the reviews to stop the annoying problem of images not being shown. I know what the problem is, but it will take time to fix it.
7) Add a whole new section for non-movie posts. I'm thinking of just lumping anything non-movie into one giant place.

Whew! That's a lot of work! I've got a life, a career, an upcoming wedding and a WOW addiction to work on also, folks, so be patient!

motleymitch wrote on January 10, 2006, 2:37 pm
No more excuses, get your shit together!

motleymitch wrote on July 28, 2006, 12:53 pm
It opens tonight! Jeffy?
Papamikey wrote on July 28, 2006, 2:09 pm
Survey SAYS......

Jefferygn wrote on July 29, 2006, 10:40 pm
I'm going on tuesday!
Papamikey wrote on July 31, 2006, 8:20 am

You're waiting to CHEAPIE night?!?!

EGADS....what a dorkus malorkus!
Jefferygn wrote on July 31, 2006, 9:24 am
I assure you, cheapie night has nothing to do with it... I have been studying for my pilot written exam, which I am writing on tuesday morning... to "celebrate" that being done, I am heading out to live vicariously through Crockett and Tubbs...
Papamikey wrote on July 31, 2006, 9:57 am

A TRUE fan would've forgone the written exam and watched 80's retro-recamp instead...LOL!

Good luck on the exam, Jeffay!

Remember your def's for "Pitch" and "Yaw"!
motleymitch wrote on July 31, 2006, 10:11 am
Wait a minute!
Miami Vice...flying lessons....
I think Jeff has the Smuggler's Blues!

Jefferygn wrote on July 31, 2006, 1:21 pm


See it in the headlines,
You hear it ev'ry day.
They say they're gonna stop it,
But it doesn't go away.
They move it through Miami, sell it in L.A.,
They hide it up in Telluride,
I mean it's here to stay.
It's propping up the governments in Columbia and Peru,
You ask any D.E.A. man,
He'll say There's nothin' we can do,
From the office of the President,
Right down to me and you, me and you.

It's a losing proposition,
But one you can't refuse.
It's the politics of contraband,
It's the smuggler's blues,
Smuggler's blues.
motleymitch wrote on July 31, 2006, 1:25 pm
I mean, talk about gayromping!

Jefferygn wrote on July 31, 2006, 2:31 pm
You think that's G-R? How about this gem?!

When you said goodbye, you were on the run
Tryin' to get away from the things you've done
Now you're back again, and you're feeling strange
So much has happened, but nothing has changed
You still don't know where you're goin'
You're still just a face in the crowd

You belong to the city
You belong to the night
Livin' in a river of darkness
Beneath the neon lights

You were born in the city
Concrete under your feet
It's in your blood, it's in your moves
You're a man of the street

Jefferygn wrote on August 2, 2006, 9:07 am
Well, what do I say... To quote my television anti-hero Stephen Colbert, I have been "stoked" to see this film for a long time now...

So I joined the obese and the ugly last night at the local googleplex. I haven't been to a mainstream movie theatre in a long time. And last night I was reminded why. What a revolting experience these supersized cinemas are. Teaming with hideous people from the suburbs of Ottawa, these edifices are evidence of the vacuousness on which our society thrives. Even the popcorn wasn't very good! And commercial after commercial before several trailers. The film didn't start until about 18 minutes after its supposed start-time! (I will say, however, that I love the stadium seating...) But I digress...

Back to the movie. I am of very mixed opinion. I really wanted to love this movie, and being a huge Michael Mann fan, I went in with very high expectations.

First the good stuff:

1- The whole movie is shot with high definition video, which gives you: a) greater dynamic range, in particular for night shots; b) greater depth of field, so you can shoot someone very close-up and still see precisely what's going on in the background; c) graininess you don't get with film. So... this movie is one of the most unique looking films I have ever seen. It is grainy to the max, the colours are muted, yet somehow lively. There is a lot of hand held camera work. So, what you're getting is this very gritty, cinema-verité look to the film. You are right in the action, almost a part of the frame. There are camera angles used here, I have never seen before; and many I have seen, but not like this. Actually, I would have to say it looks a lot different from most Michael Mann films - whereas The Insider, Collateral, and Heat used long, slow camera shots, with crisp clear images, this movie is almost constantly grainy with shorter edits, odd angles, and often purposely obscured views.

2- Don't think Miami Vice of the 1980's. Asides from the character names, the drug smuggling plot lines, the beautiful machinery (corporate jets, "go-fast" boats, Ferrari 430s), and some of the overly glib dialog, this bears little resemblance to the original series. Where the original series was all shine and gloss, this movie is dark and gritty (aided by the grainy video and the purposefully rough hand-held camera work). Gone is the humour. No where to be seen is any campiness at all. And unlike the TV series, we know almost nothing about the characters. They are there for the purpose of the events in the movie. Very little back story is available.

3 - On screen presence. I am no Colin Farrel fan, nor a Jamie Foxx fan, but with the material and camera work in this film, they both command the screen.

4- The plot does not assume idiots are watching. First off, as aluded to above, there is little back story. The movie has no opening credits at all, except for the Universal logo. The movie opens and we are right in the middle of a scene, and by 10 minutes in a whole lot has happened. But because of the way the dialog is structured, we don't know the whole story and probably aren't meant to. In fact this technique is employed throughout the film, deliberately keeping the viewer about one step behind the action on screen. There are at times where I would have appreciated some greater clarity, but looking back, this added to the chaotic experience, whcih is likely representative of undercover work.

5- The action sequences are tight tight tight. Gorgeous, very real-feeling, cold, and blood-soaked in a non-gratuitous fashion. Some of the big sequences are hard to follow, but if it were nighttime and fifteen people were firing from 10 different directions, I suspect it would hard to follow if I were one of the people involved.

The bad stuff.

1 -The plot was at times hard to follow. Moreover, like many a Mann film, there are plot holes big enough to drive a go-fast boat through.
2- The dialog gets ridiculously over-stylized at times.
3- I didn't buy the love stories. They are there, but with little feeling. But I suppose that too was on purpose.

The overall. I give the film a marginal thumbs up. Don't go in thinking Don Johnson and PM Thomas. Expect a cold gritty film with little feeling. But enjoy the cinematography. Enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the dropped-in-the-middle of everything feeling the movie gives. But also don't expect to come out of it feeling overly blown away or thrilled. Much to admire. But little to love.

Papamikey wrote on August 2, 2006, 10:27 am

Now THAT's a review!!

So, you went to see it with us slack-jawed yokel "Suburbanites", eh? Well, let me tell you something...you "downtowners" are a bunch of pooh-pooh brains! THPPPBBYTT!!!

LOL! I can just picture you, all sleep-eyed and confused entering the Mega-tropolis theatre....you're cranky and bitter even on the BEST of days!

As for the film, not having been a HUGE Miami Vice fan...I'll wait until it comes on DVD (review pending until then...)

Papa "Suburban Nightmare" Mikey!
motleymitch wrote on August 2, 2006, 11:26 am
Oh Jeffy - finally a movie to inspire such passion in the form of such an eloquent review!
I really had no intention of seeing this, and you just confirmed it. How many times did you use the word 'gritty'? And yeah, I suspected it would be nice to look at, but that didn't help me much with 'Heat' - I need more than just nice cinematography.
Besides, 2 1/2 stars on a film Jeffy was DYING to see means a probable 1 star from me......

Jefferygn wrote on August 2, 2006, 12:30 pm
Come ooonnn!

Heat had the great over acting of Al Pacino!!! How could you go wrong?!

Jefferygn wrote on August 2, 2006, 12:28 pm
I used "gritty" three times I think. Yeesh. Sorry about that. One of my pet peeves in writing is the excessive repetition of a word...

At least Miami Vice was better than the distinctly non-gritty BS of this crapola...

Papamikey wrote on August 2, 2006, 12:55 pm

I LIKE said Crapolla! (not to be confused with the TOYOTA CAROLLA!)

Oh, all you CSI Bashers...you're all the same. CSI sucks, blah blah blah...reality shows are the downfall of society blah blah blah.

(insert ANY form of "Francis" motion here)
Papamikey wrote on August 2, 2006, 12:57 pm

motleymitch wrote on March 4, 2007, 10:13 am
Well, I called it. Here's my one star.
I'll say it again - Mann is a good director, drowning in his orgasmic love for L.A. and the night. But cooooome ooooon! This had Nerenberg circle jerk-fest written all over it! He says it isn't like the show, but folks, it is EXACTLY like the show, minus the 80's clothing and Glenn Frey soundtrack (though 'You Belong To The City' was covered by someone else at some point in the film, and I inadvertedly had to laugh).
Let's go down the checklist......fast boats, fast cars, smooth talkers, drug lords, deals gone bad, hostage situation involving a loved one, soundtrack playing over dialogue and action, Crockett and Tubbs each get a sex scene (both involving showers - how about Crockett and Tubbs in the SAME shower sex scene? THERE'S something only ever alluded to on the show!).
Anyways, yes, the film looks good, but I need more to go on than that. The drug plot was just a TV plot stretched to two hours. And it was hard to see the screen from all the NerenJizz splattered across it.
Where's the A-Team movie already?

MasterWoodsman wrote on March 4, 2007, 4:36 pm

Jefferygn wrote on March 5, 2007, 11:53 am
Yup... Nerengis!

Rented it for a re-watch on Friday morning during the god-awful snow storm... and you know what, despite Mitch's homoerotic dislike for the show, I loved this movie way more the second time round. Mann re-edited it for the DVD release which helped a few things, plus when I saw it the first time it was on 2 hours sleep. Anyhow, yes, a jeff-gism fest for sure. Gorgeous cinematography, cool soundtrack, beautiful machinery, and people so cool, I can only dream of gaining a fraction of their coolness...

So, sysop! Change my rating to 3.5 stars! I love it!

Plus Elizabeth Rodriguez as Gina!

Jefferygn wrote on March 5, 2007, 11:55 am
Yup... deep n the motherload Nerenjizz!!

Rented it for a re-watch on Friday morning during the god-awful snow storm... and you know what, despite Mitch's homoerotic dislike for the flick, I loved this movie way more the second time round. Mann re-edited it for the DVD release which helped a few things, plus when I saw it the first time it was on 2 hours sleep. Anyhow, yes, a jeff-gism fest for sure. Gorgeous cinematography, cool soundtrack, beautiful machinery, and people so cool, I can only dream of gaining a fraction of their coolness...

Oh, and it's not a remake of "You Belong to the City", rather, "In the Air Tonight", as sung by Nonpoint. Frankly, it's a good remake of a classic song - mitch's homoerotic fear notwithstanding...

So, sysop! Change my rating to 3.5 stars! I love it!

Plus Elizabeth Rodriguez as Gina!

Deril wrote on March 6, 2007, 9:52 am
Havn't seen it yet, but it's on my list. Maybe while I'm off when the baby comes, I'll rent it.
I have a feeling I'll enjoy it more than MItch, but not as much as Nerenjizz did.
Papamikey wrote on March 6, 2007, 11:23 am
TWO kids and he's thinking of renting movies while he's "off" (on vacation!!?!?)



Where's the 72 Point font when I NEED IT!?
Deril wrote on March 6, 2007, 1:03 pm
It's called PRIORITIES !!

The true answer to any tough parenting problem.

"Deril! The baby's dirty"
"Sorry! I'm in the middle of Miami Vice"
"Ok honey, I'll make you a steak when I'm done cleaning the baby, doing the laundry, walking the dog and painting the fence."
"great! thanks sweet heart"

That's how it works at my crib :)

motleymitch wrote on March 6, 2007, 1:10 pm
Solution #2: Set the baby loose in the backyard and let nature take its course!

Papamikey wrote on March 6, 2007, 2:31 pm
Mitch...what's Anat's email.

I'm about to be a rich, Rich, RICH man....

Ah, Blackmail, where would I be without you?

Deril wrote on April 3, 2007, 11:32 pm
Well, I'm a man of my word. I'm on holidays this week, and despite the 2 kids, I've started watching tons of movies. Rented Miami Vice, and I actually liked it more than Mitch & Nerenjizz.

Yes, everything mitch said is true, but I guess I'm a "glass is 1/2 full" kinda guy. i didn't think the movie needed an elaborate plot or to over do it on action. They took a very realistic situation and had 2 strong leads take it from there. The acting was very good, dialogue was excellent. The action sequences were fantastic. It reminded me alot of 'Heat'. I know Mitch didn't care for that one either.
Anyways, I give this movie...............................................................................................................................................................
Jefferygn wrote on April 4, 2007, 6:39 am
And now this! Deril, good on you man... notice that while I gave it 2.5 stars on initial viewing, my second watching made me want to change my rating to 3.5, but sigh, tis not allowed...

Long live Miami Vice!

Papamikey wrote on July 17, 2007, 12:06 am
Just watched this movie on the dish and I'm throwing my hat in Mitch's ring...the movie was all flash and no substance, another exercise in the word "BROOD"...where actors sit around and look good by brooding. The have sex after brooding at one another hard and with broodish vigor.

Makes for good perfume ads but damn if it's tedious in a movie...

I will say that the action (when there WAS some) was well choreographed, but then again, so are the rockettes. And they're nice to look at, too....doesn't mean I want to see them for 2+ HOURS...

MasterWoodsman wrote on July 20, 2007, 1:28 pm
Hey, they ARE nice to look at!

What's your rating of this movie?


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