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BTDesign Award
Must Love Dogs (2005)

Cast: Diane Lane, John Cusack, Elizabeth Perkins, Ali Hillis, Christopher Plummer, Stockard Channing, Dermot Mulroney

Director(s): Gary David Goldberg

Language: English

Genre: Comedy

Website: Click Here


Dating has never been easy. The time-honored search for a soul mate has always been one part humiliation, two parts aggravation, and a little blind luck thrown in for the fortunate.

Today's version of the game can be a blur of websites, speed lunches and hordes of friends and relatives who know just the "right" person for you.

Thirty-something preschool teacher Sarah Nolan (DIANE LANE) has been divorced for eight months, which is much too long for her family to bear. With the ... [Get complete synopsis]


Papamikey wrote on January 2, 2006, 9:11 am
This was the choice for this year's "New Year's Eve" Chinese Food/Movie night.

Not bad, for a cliche generic romantic comedy.

I mean, EVERY cliche was brought out, dusted off and put on the $0.05 bargain table...

Two 40-something people (divorced) who look and act like they wouldn't be single for more than 5 nanoseconds, have trouble finding love in this wacky, zany, mixed-up world of neurotic dates and daters.

They both have "pure and heart-warming" jobs (she's a daycare teachers, he builds "old world" wooden long-boats BY HAND), have above-average IQs and living spaces that DEFINATELY don't look sustainable by their current employment (that "Friends" physics that plagues movies and television).

They have the mandatory "quirky" firends and relatives giving poor advice in a good-hearted manor.

And, of course, they both love dogs.

At least it was better than Hitch.....

Papa Mikey!

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