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BTDesign Award
Alexander (2004)

Cast: Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Rosario Dawson, Jared Leto, Anthony Hopkins

Director(s): Oliver Stone

Language: English

Genre: Epic / Myth

Website: Click Here


Director Oliver Stone chalks up an ambitious entry on his biopic resume (past entries include films about Jim Morrison, Richard Nixon, and JFK among others) with this cinematic treatise on the life of the mighty Alexander the Great. Despite his young death at 32, Alexander packed some unimaginable conquests into his limited years by ruling over a huge chunk of the globe. Stone draws on a voice-over narration provided by Anthony Hopkins, whose character is named Ptolemy, to aurally depict some of... [Get complete synopsis]


MasterWoodsman wrote on August 13, 2005, 11:35 am
I did not want to rent this movie. I heard how bad it was and didn't want to waste my time. But I was overruled!

This movie didn't work at all. Just a big mess. What point was there to it? I kept falling asleep while watching it and I don't think I really missed anything.

Colin Farrell was a terrible choice for Alexander the Great. He doesn't capture enough power to be a high-school football coach let alone a great warrior king. His blond hair and black eyebrows and beard looked ridiculous. Will Ferrel would have been a better choice.

I thought Jolie did a pretty good acting job in this. I was impressed.

I gave it one star because I'm partial to Oliver Stone.
motleymitch wrote on December 31, 2007, 1:06 am
Warning: this film is NOT about Derek's son, as the title may falsely implicate.

What a 3 hour shlep of a film! So much could've been cut for better pacing - Anthony Hopkins scenes were just for narration and unnecessary. Also, a more linear approach to the story would've been better than the countless flashbacks. Every new scene would have a caption such as '9 years earlier' or '4 months earlier'. This is only needed if it adds to a story, like in 'Pulp Fiction' or 'Memento' (where non-linear plot lines were strong enough to stand on their own without captions).
Casting was for the most part way off. Farrell played Alexander with the conviction of a high school play, and the bulk of the cast were just full-throttle overacting, reeking of melodrama.
In the end, this has to be blamed on Stone for directing his actors thus, and saddling them with a mediocre script that had more than its fair share of "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!"'s.
And the accents! Oy! Everyone in this film had an accent more out-of-place than the last. Kilmer, as King Philip of Macedon, had an Irish accent, for whatever reason. The actor playing Crateros had a ridiculously thick Scottish brogue. And worst of all was Jolie, who's made-up accent I can only describe as Natasha Badenov meets Elvira. I kept waiting for her to finish each sentence with 'Bleh!'. There was also the fact that she was playing Alexander's mother, which is fine when Alex is seen as a 10 year old boy, but when he's grown up and looks like Colin Farrell, AT LEAST TRY to make Jolie look like she's aged a few years instead of looking like Farrell's hot sister.
Stone is a good director who usually takes pains in presenting his films with some kind of realism and continuity, so why he lapsed on the basics like age differences and accents is beyond me.
On the plus side, the battle sequences were well done (if a little overwrought - ease up on the sweeping overhead crane shots, dude!), including a splendid one where Alex & crew fight an East Indian army who are saddled atop armoured elephants, which is something you don't see every day. Also a major bonus is the casting of the ridiculously gorgeous Rosario Dawson, and if that isn't a plus in and of itself, the full-on exposure of her perfectly crafted god-given breasts seals the deal! That's a star and a half right there, even though I am jealous of Farrell getting paid millions to romp around with said breasts. Damn you Hollywood!!

Deril wrote on December 31, 2007, 5:48 pm
Could have sworn I rated this already. Anyways, this had pros and cons for me. Yes, it's long and the accent thing was something I picked up on during my first viewing. I still somehow liked this movie. maybe because I heard it was so crappy, my expectations were lower, so it over-delivered.

Yes, about Rosario Dawson !!!

Deril wrote on December 31, 2007, 5:49 pm

What's your rating of this movie?


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