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BTDesign Award
Amazon Women On The Moon (1987)

Cast: Sybil Danning, Rosanna Arquette, Carrie Fisher, Michelle Pfeiffer, B.B. King, Steve Allen, Ralph Bellamy, Paul Bartel, Griffin Dunne, Steve Forrest, Howard Hesseman, Arsenio Hall, Joe Pantoliano, Joey Travolta, Forrest J. Ackerman, David Alan Grier, Steve Guttenberg, T.K. Carter, Ira Newborn, Rip Taylor, Jackie Vernon, Henny Youngman, Charlie Callas, Ed Begley, Jenny Agutter, Kelly Preston, Russ Meyer, Corinne Wahl, Andrew Dice Clay, Angel Tompkins, Archie Hahn, Lou Jacobi

Director(s): Joe Dante, Carl Gottlieb, John Landis, Peter Horton, Robert K. Weiss

Language: English

Genre: Comedy


An irreverent and raunchy foray into the world of late-night television spoofing such media phenomena as infomercials, charity drives, tabloid shockers, late-night porn, and sci-fi movies from the 1950s, AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON is a riotous collection of sight gags, double entendres, and general wackiness in the tradition of KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE and THE GROOVE TUBE. Nothing is sacred in this star-studded vehicle that pokes fun at many of these television wonders. Anyone who has spent an evening... [Get complete synopsis]


Deril wrote on June 2, 2005, 8:34 pm
This is very similar to Kentucky Fried Movie, and one usually reminds me of the other. lots of funny skits with a short film mixed in there somewhere.
There ain't no fucking Thelma here man!- Arsenio Hall
motleymitch wrote on June 6, 2005, 11:16 am
I always get this mixed up with Kentucky Fried Movie...I'll have to rewatch both before rating them....
motleymitch wrote on June 16, 2005, 1:50 am
Just re-watched this after re-watching 'Kentucky Fried Movie'! Again, some killer, but lots of filler. Griffin Dunne as the doctor when Michelle Pfeiffer just gave birth is hilarious.
Ed Begley Jr. as Son of the Invisible Man is equally funny. "Ever see a shirt drink a glass of water? Ooooooooo!"
But over all, lots of down time. Good to watch with a fast forward button.
motleymitch wrote on June 16, 2005, 1:51 am
Oh yeah, and Don 'No Soul' Simmons! Classic.

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