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BTDesign Award
A Woman Hunted (2003)

Cast: Alexandra Paul, Linden Ashby, Michele Greene

Director(s): Morrie Ruvinsky

Language: English

Genre: Thriller


After a stint in rehab, Lainie Wheeler (Alexandra Paul) is concentrating on getting her life back together. She's regaining the trust of her daughters and starting a new job as the producer of a television show. But on her first day on the job, her car breaks down. Luckily for her, the show's guest, baseball star Harry Brewer, finds her and lends a helping hand. She doesn't realize, however, that he has other plans...that will leave her fighting for her life.


motleymitch wrote on May 7, 2005, 9:24 pm
Another made-for-TV-straight-to-video-low-budget fiasco that I did craft service for. Derek, if you can find any info on this, it might also be called "Outrage" (that was the working title before they switched it). This production was hands-down the WORST I've ever been involved in and I never worked for these people again, turning down a few offers. The actors were all nice though, as were maybe 1/3 of the crew, the 1/3 that didn't get (figuratively) shit on.
The story is cookie-cutter cliched crap. Apparently they had about a 3 million budget, but I couldn't tell.
BTW, I never saw the whole finished product, so this is a rare case where I'm giving a rating anyways, cuz I don't have to see it, I LIVED it.

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