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BTDesign Award
Putin's Kiss (2012)

Cast: Masha Drokova, Oleg Kashin

Director(s): Lise Birk Pedersen

Language: Russian

Genre: Documentary


Putin's Kiss portrays contemporary life in Russia through the story of Masha, a 19 year-old girl who is a member of Nashi, a political youth organization connected with the Kremlin. Extremely ambitious, the young Masha quickly rises to the top of Nashi, but begins to question her involvement when a dissident journalist whom she has befriended is savagely attacked.


motleymitch wrote on November 8, 2012, 10:49 pm
A friend of mine gave me a bunch of free passes to my local Doc repertoire theater, so off I went! The passes are good for only specific films on specific nights, but it's part of a year long festival, so I get to go once a month until April. Seeing as how they are Doc fest viewings, many of the directors are on hand for Q&A's after the screenings, as was the case with this film.
Putin's Kiss centers around Masha, a girl who at the young age of 16 entered into a political youth movement called Nashi who are fiercely pro-Putin in a post-Soviet Union Russia, and quickly rose to the top of its ranks by the age of 20. She is not a spiteful, angry person by any means, she just truly believes in Putin the politician, the man, the leader, and the way he is guiding a modern Russia back to being a respected super-power. But she soon sees that not all her comrades take disagreement as politely as she does, and when a journalist colleague/friend of hers is beaten within an inch of his life for speaking his opposing anti-Putin beliefs, in printed word and via blog, she questions the Nashi movement she has dedicated so much of her life to, and its leadership she has so undeniably followed.
It's slowly revealed that Nashi does not take to civil, public discourse with its opposers on any level, preferring to stay one-sided and outright childish in its actions.
It's an intriguing, involving film, touching on the modern political scape of Russia to a degree, a topic with which I am very unfamiliar with. I will admit that if the director were not in attendance to answer a few questions after the screening, I would've left the theater with a few lingering unanswered thoughts concerning the protagonists and their current status. Nonetheless, a cool doc, which I will would really only recommend to Jeffy (duh).

Jefferygn wrote on November 13, 2012, 10:19 am
I'll keep my eyes open for it - looks very cool!

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