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BTDesign Award
A Serious Man (2009)

Cast: Michael Stuhlbarg, Richard Kind, Sari Wagner Lennick, Fred Melamed, Aaron Wolff

Director(s): Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

Language: English

Genre: Musical


A black comedy set in 1967 and centered on Larry Gopnik, a Midwestern professor who watches his life unravel when his wife prepares to leave him because his inept brother won't move out of the house.


Jefferygn wrote on December 18, 2009, 8:49 am
So after being completely creeped out by The Road last night, on my way home, I notice this is playing at the Bytowne. In serious need of some lightening up, I stop the car and head in for my second film of the night.

A pleasant dark comedy from those whacky Coen brothers. Lots of Jewish humour and situations run through out the film. I am sure the Cordes brothers will enjoy this, both having been Bar Mitzvahed.

In essence this is the stuff of Job. Bad things keep happening to a decent fellow. Why? Who knows. Such is life.

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