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BTDesign Award
Alfie (2004)

Cast: Jude Law, Marisa Tomei, Susan Sarandon, Sienna Miller, Omar Epps, Jane Krakowski, Nia Long, Gedde Watanabe, Dick Latessa, Renee Taylor

Director(s): Charles Shyer

Language: English

Genre: Comedy

Website: Click Here


Jude Law stars in this trenchant dramatic-comedy, a remake of the 1966 British counterculture classic that launched the career of Michael Caine. This version is set in New York City and is pumped up with giddy, cleverly experimental editing. The story has Alfie (Law), a Don Juan-esque limo driver, speaking directly to the camera as he seduces the lovely ladies of the city. Eventually he's forced to take stock of the damage he's caused, and acknowledge the emptiness at the core of his chosen life... [Get complete synopsis]


MasterWoodsman wrote on March 21, 2005, 10:54 am
Mood: disgruntled
I haven't seen this movie. All I want to say is that I'm sick as hell of Jude Law. He's getting on my nerves!
Deril wrote on September 23, 2005, 11:02 pm
Just watched this (against my will) and I didn't really enjoy it. 50% of the dialogue is Jude Law talking straight to the camera. I often enjoy when this is done (Ferris Bueller comes to mind) several times in a movie and adds a little something to the character or the story telling. This movie is about Alfie self-discovering who he is etc etc, but the whole time he's talking to the audience. I felt like some loser friend from highschool was telling me his life story and I really didn't want to hear it.By the end of the movie, it really bothered me. Acting was decent, but I don't give it more than that. More of a chick flick.

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