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BTDesign Award
Quarantine (2008)

Cast: Jennifer Carpenter, Jay Hernandez, Columbus Short, Greg Germann

Director(s): John Erick Dowdle

Language: English

Genre: Horror

Website: Click Here


A faithful adaptation of the 2007 Spanish film REC, QUARANTINE chronicles the outbreak of a rabies-like disease in a Los Angeles apartment building and the struggle of the unaffected residents to stay alive after the authorities trap them inside in an effort to contain it. Equal parts BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and 28 DAYS LATER, the film is presented through the eye of a video camera, putting the audience in the middle of the action and creating a heightened level of intensity and realism. Television ... [Get complete synopsis]


Papamikey wrote on May 22, 2009, 3:03 pm
A mildly effective "zombie" movie which suffers from HUUUUGE lapses in logic and common sense but nevertheless delivers some good scares and decent gross-out scenes (like a "zombified" fireman attempting to walk on a compound fractured leg - ewwwww).

It's all done in "Blair Witch" scream at the camera hurky jerky motion which is one of my larger complaints in the logic. YES - they "explain" that they NEED to film what's happening in the apartment "so people WILL KNOW" but there comes a point where you ABANDON the camera to focus on the task at hand.

I also think there's a point of terror you reach where your body or brain simply shuts down and you go section-8, from all the hollering the main actress does, it seems she gets there about half way through the attacks and basically spends about 1 hour screaming her head off.

This, coupled with the fact the filmmaker decides to employ a CONSTANT hum of sirens and helicopters outside the sealed apartment makes the whole thing a bit distracting and headache inducing.


If the residents did, in fact, have UBER rabies - why did they not attack each other? Does the virus give the infected the ability to discriminate between other infected hosts? Minor quibble.

Oh, and they kill a kid (a five year old girl who LOOKS like my daughter) - so, unfortunately, by my own rules/standards, I must deduct a FULL star right there. With no bare bewbes to offset this, its a pretty harsh penalty. But those are the rules.

Apparently, this is based off a Spanish film called "Req" which I wouldn't mind seeing as they tend to be creepier (like the Japanese originals of copied horror films, like Ring, Grudge, etc...)


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