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BTDesign Award
Miracle At St. Anna (2008)

Cast: Derek Luke, Laz Alonso, Matteo Sciabordi, John Leguizamo

Director(s): Spike Lee

Language: English

Genre: Not Selected / Unknown

Website: Click Here


All Spike Lee's movies, from SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT forward, have tackled big ideas head-on using wide strokes to a paint a picture that is both impressionistic and realistic. Though not the most subtle director, Lee has consistently challenged both his audience and himself. His step into genre filmmaking with 2006's INSIDE MAN was a delightful surprise, and though he continues down this road somewhat with the World War II film MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA, he also returns with force to the realm of the big... [Get complete synopsis]


Deril wrote on February 17, 2009, 12:58 pm
This is a toughy. The idea(s) behind the whole story/plot was grand and somehow, Mr Lee just couldn't tell the story at the same level which it probably deserved to be told. For a "war movie" there were long periods of nothing happening. This is ok, if the nothing parts are interesting. i found that the longer this movie went on, the more it was dragging. The final 30 minutes built up, but by then I was less interested with the characters. Also (and maybe this is just me), I was waiting for some big "miracle" which never really happened. There were some HUGE plot pieces that were left unanswered or confusing to me.
Anyways, not terrible, but below Spike's abilities (IMO)

PS> The little kid was a true bright spot and a gifted talent (for his age especially). One star for him alone.

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