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BTDesign Award
Mammoth (2006)

Cast: Tom Skerritt, Summer Glau, Vincent Ventresca, Leila Arcieri

Director(s): Tim Cox

Language: English

Genre: Thriller

Website: Click Here


A prehistoric killer is unleashed on a small town in this tongue-in-cheek creature feature. When a falling meteor strikes a museum, it awakens the long-dormant fury of a frozen mammoth. With the bloodthirsty animal on a rampage, two special agents and a determined paleontologist must race against time to destroy the woolly menace before the government gives orders to obliterate the town. Tom Skerritt (PICKET FENCES), Vincent Ventresca (BOSTON COMMON), and Summer Glau (FIREFLY) star in this Sci F... [Get complete synopsis]


motleymitch wrote on September 22, 2008, 9:00 am
Oh ye gods!
Definitely the worst from this year's Manosfest - atrocious on every level.
As soon as the credits start up, and it's shown that it's made-for-TV by the Sci-Fi channel, well you know right off the bat there's no boobage.
It's one of those films that wants to be funny/tongue in cheek, but is not. It wrongly wants to focus on the relationship of the starring family (terribly acted), instead of the 4 scenes we get of an AWFUL CGI'd mammoth stomping on things.
It had such potential! I mean, an alien life-force enters the frozen body of a prehistoric mammoth, bringing it to life, after which it stomps the hell out of everything!
The promise to deliver on an alien-zombie-mammoth was woefully barely used. Instead, we get loooong drawn out scenes of 'dialogue' that would make 'Cybermutt' look like 'Citizen Kane', and are there solely to fill out an hour and a half of blandness.
It was kinda fun to watch once we sped it up and everyone talked like chipmunks, but even THEN it seemed drawn out. Liked when Tom Skerritt throws a rock through the window and it hits the camera, and the bald security guard smacking his head in disbelief (we need to see Rob do this more often) but otherwise, YAWN!

Papamikey wrote on September 22, 2008, 12:56 pm

While I AGREE it stank like so much Mammoth Poo-Doo...it DID acheive what it set out to do: to make a schlocky-campy tongue-in-cheek movie WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF TELEVISION.


It CAN'T SHOW bewbes....it CAN'T show gore...etc etc. so how can we fault the film for not providing ANY of these??

Of course, it got MAJOR down-points for not showing ANYTHING AT ALL but pseudo-dramatic "dialog" which goes AGAINST all that I was mentioning above...hey if it's campy action, then GIVE us campy action and not a weak attempt at family dysfunction...

So, I don't BOMB the film...but I give it a token star...

Oh, and according to IMDB.com, the molotto agent with the spectacular rack stars in "Wild Things II"...mental note.

MasterWoodsman wrote on September 27, 2008, 2:36 pm
Good God was this bad. Boring bad. Movies about Mammoths should feature the actual beast in more than 5% of the scenes. The rest were long discussions about what to do next.

Just awful.

It was also shameful how the ripped off so many other movies... MIB, Zombie Movies, The Mummy, etc... I also never got over how the ice around the mammoth never melted. They even had to drill through it. lol

What's your rating of this movie?


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