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BTDesign Award
Rush Hour 2 (2001)

Cast: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Don Cheadle, Alan King, John Lone, Roselyn Sanchez, Chris Penn, Harris Yulin, Kenneth Tsang, Ziyi Zhang

Director(s): Brett Ratner

Language: English

Genre: Action / Disaster


Rush Hour 2 begins with Chief Inspector Lee of the Royal Hong Kong Police (JACKIE CHAN) and LAPD detective James Carter (CHRIS TUCKER) arriving in Hong Kong for a vacation. Armed with his Chinese-English dictionary, Carter is looking forward to a much-needed vacation and to sampling some of the city?s many exotic delights. But Lee, the ever-dedicated policeman, continues with his duties, frustrating Carter.

No sooner do they arrive, then they are confronted with the biggest case of thei... [Get complete synopsis]


motleymitch wrote on June 23, 2007, 10:06 am
Here's the set-up: Deril and I are driving back from seeing the Silver Surfer movie last night, and we're talking about the upcoming summer blockbusters we wanna see (i.e. Simpsons movie, Die Hard 4, etc...) and he blurts out 'Rush Hour 3'!
And I'm like, "Are you fucking kidding me??", and he's insistent that not only was the first one genius (it had a chcukle or two IMHO, but was cliched and entirely forgettable), but the second one was extremely funny and action-packed (and though it was unseen by me, I scoffed and said, "Never! Never will I see it!"). Lo and behold, he lends it to me, insisting I give it a chance, which I begrudgingly did.
Now the review:
I tried to be open-minded, honestly I did, but within the first two minutes I was immediately annoyed beyond belief. Tucker and Chan badly singing 'California Girls' while driving a car - ho ho ho. Why is Chris Tucker allowed to do movies?? He is NOT funny, annoying as hell, and just a narcissistic ham, put into movies to do his 'look-at-me!' shtick. Chan has been depressingly robbed of dignity since going Hollywood.
Taking place in Tokyo, the 'jokes' are all of the
Tucker-fish-out-of-water calibre, continuously using stereotyped humour like all Asians looking the same, always looking for 'Moo-shu', reading the translation books wrong so that Chan can tell him "You just told everyone to shave their bums" or "You just told everyone to get naked and eat sushi" - ho ho ho. If the shoes were on the other feet and it was stereotyped jokes about African-Americans, there would be hell to pay. There's even a scene (in the closing credit bloopers) where Tucker is unfunnily trying to pronounce 'gefilte fish' as he eats the Kosher meal on a plane. I'm assuming had he been able to pronounce it, they would've kept the extended dialogue in the film.
As for the action, it is sub-par (especially for Chan), and takes a back-seat to Tucker's mugging.
Every cliche of the done-and-done buddy-cop genre is run through the mill, complete with villain who killed Chan's father way back when.
I am angry that I watched this dreck, I should trust my instincts, and I don't care if it cleans uo at the Oscars but I won't step foot near part 3. I'd rather shoot myself (or Chris Tucker).

Deril wrote on June 23, 2007, 3:27 pm
I just don't get it?????

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this moive. I have been anxiously waiting for the third one to come out for years now.

These 2 guys are so funny together and I find it very original and not at all forgetable (as with part 1)

honestly, I don't know what else to say on this topic.

Deril wrote on June 23, 2007, 3:29 pm
PS, The gefilte fish scene was the funniest part. the theatre was cracking up while watching the credits.

PPS Tucker demanded 20 million for both part 2 & 3, and he got it. I guess someone thinks he's funny

motleymitch wrote on June 23, 2007, 7:14 pm
What does it say when the 'funniest moment' takes place as a blooper in the final credits?
That's like saying a band's best song on an album is the tacked-on cover of 'Under My Thumb' or some other shitty classic that everyone's already covered a zillion times.
As for Tucker getting 10 million per pic, well, I'm certainly not the exec who deems him worthy of it. Probably the same doofus who gives Jim Carrey 20 mil per pic, or Julia Roberts, or any lame-ass actor that the follow-as-sheep public will pay to see simply because of their presence in a film.
There are many films I will see because they interest me, or have a notable director with a good track record, but there is NOT ONE performer I will pay to see simply because of his/her presence in a film.
Tucker's a fucking joke, and not in a ha-ha kinda way.

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