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BTDesign Award
Bringing Baby Home: The Ultimate Baby Care DVD (2005)

Cast: A lot of people talking about babies

Director(s): Probably a parent

Language: English

Genre: Documentary

Website: Click Here


Learn how to give your baby all the love and care they need with this simple yet effective guide to child rearing. Filmed in various locations such as hospitals and homes, this comprehensive overview offers many tips and hints on how to raise your kids the right way.


MasterWoodsman wrote on June 16, 2007, 12:43 am
Alright.....So here I am an expectant first-time dad. (btw, happy Father's days to all the dads out there). I realize I don't even know wtf a bassinet is, so I go plonk some moolah down on some Amazon DVDs on basically anything that might teach us about babies and doesn't look like total crap. I got 8 DVDs today (I honestly didn't realize I ordered so many!)

We watched about half of them so far. Right now Dessy is doing the Salsa to a pregnancy exercise video and she's trying to get me going as well. I need to crouch down just a little more to avoid being seen and dragged into it........ Lord knows I can't afford to lose any weight!

Anyhow....... I realise now that the quality of these instructional videos varies GREATLY! The last one we watched was truly pitiful. This one, the Bringing Baby Home, is absolutely fantastic and recommended to any new parents. Lots of medical explanations and they talk to you like an adult, not like a moron which most of these videos assume you are. This is the same video they were playing in the Obstetrics waiting room at the Royal Vic in Montreal.

Anyways.... best baby video so far!

motleymitch wrote on June 16, 2007, 1:59 am
I would just let the baby roam free in the backyard and let nature take its course!


Papamikey wrote on June 16, 2007, 7:38 am
You realize all these instructional videos/books all go out the window the MOMENT the first contraction hits, right?

Papamikey wrote on June 16, 2007, 7:42 am
Have you bought "THE BIBLE"(s) yet:

What to Expect When You're Expecting
What to Expect the First Year
What to Expect the Toddler Years
What to Expect when "What to Expect" Books FAIL!
What to Expect when your Nerves are Frayed to the Point of OUTRIGHT GIBBERING MADNESS.

Been there at 3:47AM, the baby is SCREAMING and you're desperately trying to look up in the index:

Screaming, Baby - Page 275
Cholic - Page 103
Tummy Pains - Page 333
Gas - Page 35
Location of Closest Airport or Bar - Page 666
motleymitch wrote on June 16, 2007, 10:50 am
Derek, I'm no parent, but I know enough to know that Mikey is spot-on. All the instuctional manuals and DVD's on Earth won't save you. Every child and situation is different. You learn as you go, and just be sure to have a good medical staff at your friendly neighbourhood hospital when needed. Don't wate your mony on DVD's....spend it on diapers and baby-wipes.
Deril wrote on June 16, 2007, 12:37 pm
They both serve their purpose IMO. Anat & I felt more at ease and relaxed having gone to pre-natal classes, and watching several DVD's and reading what we could. However, Mikey is SPOT ON when he says that THE MOMENT Anat went into labor, it's all out the window. You forget everything you read / learned and you are just thrown right in.

Those books Mikey mentioned above were a God send for Anat, she really did use it like a bible and they really help you sort out what's what when the action picks up.

It's too bad because we still have ours and I could have had Mitch bring it down to you last weekend. Sorry. Still, I recommend picking up the "What to expect in the first year" book for now.

Happy father's day to all. I'm off to play golf and then hit the water slides tomorrow !!!

"I want to go to Mount Splashmore,
Take me, take me, take me, take me, NOW!
Mount PLashmore take me there right now"

Papamikey wrote on June 16, 2007, 1:21 pm
Deril and his bigger, homlier brother are right, D-Bor - USE both sources:

1) The books for REFERENCE and REFERENCE only to guage what MIGHT be the problem and a possible solution.


2) Just COMMON SENSE and INSTINCT. If a child is crying try to comfort it, if the diaper is full and stinky change it. If the baby is hot, it's running a fever and give it Tempra. It's all kinda learn-as-you-go and EXPECT some panicked drives to the Children's hospital, we've ALL done it.

And USE your friends and family!! They're the BEST source of info - call me if the baby has vomitted 18 feet (Aidan's personal record) or has run a fever of 106 (Emilia's personal record)...

But rest assured - it IS a job, it IS hard labour but it is GOOD hard labour and I wouldn't change it for the world...well maybe the part where Emilia drew coloured crayon on my new flat panel HDTV...but I digress.
MasterWoodsman wrote on June 16, 2007, 8:09 pm
I'm pretty well psyched for the whole thing. I'm aware that it's going to be harder than I think, as every stinkin parent on the planet likes to remind me!

Still, we're both really looking forward to it. Less than 6 weeks now! Eeks!

We already have the whole BIBLE series you guys mentioned. Dessy has been reading them quite a bit. But the DVDs help. The worst scene was the part about "Caring for a Circumcised Penis". I left the room after I saw that bloody clump!

All is well. I'm mentally prepared for the following......

Piss (cleaning and receiving)
Shit (ditto)
Vomit (ditto)
Lack of Sleep
Sense of confusion
Being anxious about every noise he makes because it's our first

On the positive side, we saw Christine, Steven and Sam today, and boy is it fun to play with a 2-year old.

Deep breath Derek! We still have the BIG ONE to go through: Delivery! Christ-Almighty do some of these videos need to hold back on the amount of detail they show! One showed three back to back deliveries by three women. Two were ok, one looked like she was ripped apart! GAH!

What's your rating of this movie?


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