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BTDesign Award
Audition (2001)

Cast: Ryo Ishibashi, , Eihi Shiina, , Jun Kunimura, , Miyuki Matsuda, , Ren Osugi, , Renji Ishibashi, , Tetsu Sawaki

Director(s): Takashi Miike

Language: English

Genre: Thriller


An audacious, unsettling Japanese horror film from director Takashi Miike, Audition entertains as both a grisly shocker and a psychological drama.

AUDITION is an art-house cult horror film that will be talked about for a long time to come. Ryo Ishibashi stars as Aoyama, a single father who has not dated since his wife died seven years earlier. To help find another woman to bring joy into Aoyama's charmless life, his best friend, television producer Yoshikawa, convinces Aoyama that they ... [Get complete synopsis]


motleymitch wrote on June 6, 2007, 10:45 am
Fuck 'The Grudge'......THIS is where it's at.


I will say as little as possible, mostly because I'm not sure how to talk about a film like this, and also because I urge you to rent it cold and watch THIS in the dark.
Here's the thing - it is all a slow, calculated build-up to the last 20 minutes. Nothing of particular shock happens for a good hour, yet there was no point in this film where I was yelling "DO something!" at the screen. You are invested in these characters from the get-go, the story is simple and straightforward, and there are no teases of cheap shocks like cats jumping out at you, or little pancake-faced Japanese boys meowing, or CGI'd anything, or ghosts or ghouls or leprechauns. This is a human story - a good one - and the director takes the subject matter seriously and doesn't pander to his audience.
Simple, yet original and daring, and not for those with weak stomachs.
When the last 20 minutes come along and you've been led to believe things aren't what they seem.....hoo-boy! I wasn't scared, but was freaking out a little while watching....hard to explain.
It is unlikely you will see a film anything like this one.
(Deril, I still have it on rental, will bring it tomorrow and you can see for yourself.....I'll also have 'Ichi The Killer' - same director.)

Bonus : the leading lady is a babe (and apparently an ex-model).
Deril wrote on June 8, 2007, 12:16 pm
I'll borrow this from you next week.
Deril wrote on June 17, 2007, 12:24 am
are you kidding me???

Yes, it was deep in charachter development...



The ending sucked. It wasn't scary like the grudge. Actually tonight I'm sleeping in the basement as we have MANY guests and they are all bitching that the basement is too cold for them. Hey you know what's nice and comfortable, the holiday inn!!!

I actually prefered the slow build up and didn't find it boring at all, the last 20 minutes ruined the film for me. Although I didn;t hate it, I think I liked Ichi better than this. The story was very simple and very well delivered though.

It is possible that had I gone in cold, it would have had a stronger impact on me, but since I was expecting something scarier than The Grudge, I was VERY let down.

I want to give it 2.5 stars 9a little less than Ichi, but I'll give it 3 and give the benefit of the doubt that going in cold, I would have liked it a little bit more.
motleymitch wrote on June 17, 2007, 12:58 am
You are NUTS!
The Grudge is SO not scary, you frickin' pansies!
It is entirely laughable that you think so!
I've coughed up scarier things than that!

Deril wrote on June 17, 2007, 8:38 am
Mikey needs to see this so we can have a tie breaker.

The movie was good, but NOT SCARY.

You know what would be scarier than this? ANYTHING!
motleymitch wrote on June 17, 2007, 9:31 am
If you'll back-step for a second, I never said it was scary, just freaky.
It just had a more creepy effect for me watching it in the dark than the Grudge did.

What's your rating of this movie?


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