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BTDesign Award
Sesame Street - Elmopalooza! (1998)

Cast: Muppets, Rosie O'Donnell, Gloria Estefan, Fugees, En Vogue, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Shawn Colvin, Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Loggins, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, Richard Belzer, David Alan Grier, Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks

Director(s): ???

Language: English

Genre: Crime / Gangster

Website: Click Here


Lots of muppets, celebs & singing


Deril wrote on June 5, 2007, 11:23 am
Sydney got this DVD, but I've yet to really watch it. Syd was less than interested as there are too many humans, and she doesn't know who any of them are. Anat & I seemed more into it.

rating pending. Mikey have you seen this one?

Papamikey wrote on June 5, 2007, 12:35 pm
No...but I think we have the tape (yes, VHS TAPE) in the basement...I think we got it at a garage sale but the kids were too old to watch it.

I'm now hip deep in Pokemon DVDs....sigh.

Pika?! PIKA?!!

What's your rating of this movie?


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