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BTDesign Award
Skeeter (1993)

Cast: Tracy Griffith, Jim Youngs, Charles Napier, Michael J. Pollard, Jay Robinson

Director(s): Clark Brandon

Language: English

Genre: Horror


As the result of a corrupt businessman's illegal toxic waste dumping, a small desert town is beset by a deadly swarm of huge bloodthirsty mutant mosquitoes growing to the size of bats (very rubbery, non-scary bats). Of course they have to suck a lot of blood. Humans have to find a way to fight back.


motleymitch wrote on October 31, 2006, 10:11 am
Think 'Leeches', but without the homoeroticism. Think 'Tremors' but without the awesomeness.
Think 'Citizen Kane' but without everything that made that film good.
Again, a low budget entails people to hold big rubbery mosquitos to their throats while screaming at the camera. Or the usual Mutant-Bug's-Eye-View as the victim runs away from the camera. There's the usual scientist (played by 'Larry' of 'Larry, Darrell, and Darrell' fame) who tries to warn people but the corrupt sheriff and disbelieving townsfolk refuse to cooperate - until it's too late!!!!
Had a lot of unintentional laughs, which will merit my one star rating, but otherwise, avoid like the plague. Hahahahahaaa I made a funny.

What's your rating of this movie?


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