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BTDesign Award
Amazing Race 10 Chat Space (2006)

Cast: Many teams of people


Language: English

Genre: Social Drama

Website: Click Here

Not a real movie!


12 Teams of 2 compete in a race around the world for a 1 million dollar prize


Deril wrote on September 13, 2006, 4:52 pm
Season 10 starts this Sunday and here\'s the list of teams. I\'ve taken the liberty of assigning them nicknames (like last season) to simplify when discussing. Mikey, feel free to change these names as you see fit. For now they will be known as
1 - Team Islam: Biral & Sa\'eed - Islamic friends
2 - Team Mc D\'s: David & Mary - workde at McDonald\'s together for 10 years before getting married. She looks like she still eats there 7 days a week.
3 - Team daddy/daughter: Duke & Lauren - auren is by far the hottest girl on the show, but oh oh, she\'s a lesbian!! Her father is displeased but hopes the race will bring them back together. If I were a lesbian I\'d be all over that. Seeing as I\'m a straight man, I\'d be ALL over that!
4 - Team Dumb Blond Chicks: Dustin & Kandice - former Miss America contestants, we don\'t know that they are dumb, I\'m just taking an educated guess.
5 - Team Asia: Erwin & Godwin - Chinese brothers
6 - Team Cheerleaders: Kellie & Jamie - young hot friends. RAWWRR!
7 - Token Black Team: Lyn & Karen - black moms
8 - Team Prosthetic: Peter and Sarah - She has a prosthetic leg and he works in the field. Together they want to prove to the world that handicap people can do anything. They don\'t STAND a chance (no pun intended)
9 - Team \"bound to break up\": Rob & Kimberly - young dating couplr. These things never work out well ont his show.
10 - Team Gay: Tom & Terry (no, not Jerry). Gay boys
11 - Team \"Pretty boys\": CBS.com dubed this name as these 2 young friends are both models - Tyler & James
12 - Team India: Vipal & Arti are a married Pakistani couple...good luck!
Papamikey wrote on September 13, 2006, 6:16 pm
Deril, good show on the names! I like'em!

Bravo on the one-liner (again, no pun) for Team Ren and Stumpy, the girl with the one leg! Mmmm, one-leg sex....

I usually begin assigning names once I see their personalities in action...but you're right in pre-judging the Blondies...both met at Miss America pageant? OY!

Sigh. Hear that?

The bitter harpies haven't arrived yet to sully the thread...to quote Depeche Mode:

"Enjoy the silence..."

They'll come, whine about the decline of modern art and intellect, the patronization of the bourjeousie prolitariat reinforcing the idiollogic belief systems of the rhomboid metric event horizons or some other pseduo-high brow argument to that effect.

Then they'll leave so we can get down to the business of analyzing our favourite shows.


Deril wrote on September 13, 2006, 10:33 pm

I'm going to miss 2 weeks in October, so I'm gonna rely on your updates. Love Ren & Stumpy, and yes, I imagine the names will change somewhat once we get into it.
Papamikey wrote on September 18, 2006, 10:38 am
Another year another recap, let's dig in right away?SHALL WE?! Pitter patter let's get at'er!

Looks to be like "back to basics" Amazing Race, folks! Amazing locals, Amazing teams, Amazing(ly) slow cabbies, AMAZING RACING! It's AMAZING!

LOL! IF you're not a visable minority that is?.OUCH. So much for ethnic diversity?.maybe they just had them there for the initial promo shots, but DAMN! BOTH teams eliminated in a single episode. The muslim team unceremoneously dumped in a "surprise" (SURPRISE!) elimintion on a travelling?.smells like a conspiracy to me!

Team Recap:

Team Muslim: Like I said above?OUCH. They came out well off the gate, though I couldn't help my cultural ignorance from showing, thinking a couple of things: 1) How many times DO they have to pray to Mecca and will that affect their racing (i.e. have to stop an already dumb and slow cabbie to get out and pray?or can they pray on the fly?) 2) Is there anything they can't EAT?! Fish eyes seem to be OK with Allah?but what about "unclean" animals?.like shaking hands with a GASP! WOMAN!!!!???

Team Happy Hindus: Wasn't quite convinced these two KNEW they were actually RACING!!? And they paid the price for being too damn PLEASANT. You need SOME iota of agression to move ahead of the pack (though the Muslims were aggressive and look what happened to them?.WHAT DID happen to them anyways? WHY did they fall so far behind!!?).

Team Barbie Attention Wh*res: Look Bambi, we?re in China and EVERYONE?s looking at ME (uh?US!)?.HI! We?re beauty queens?.this is Miss California and I?m Miss New York, perhaps you saw us on Tee-Vee? Yes, we ARE beautiful, thank you, I know. (tee hee) PUKE.

Team Cletus and Brandine (aka the Kentucky Fried Chickens): LOL! Easily my dark horse favourites: ?Hey! BRANDINE, you?s doin? one helluva gud jab scalin? that there wall!? ?Hey, Cletus! SHADDAP!! I mean it! Hayme gonna comin? up this here wall and kick yer beehind!? We lurves each other?LOL! They?re so endearing and smart?.my pick to win it all.

Team Bad Boy Turned Good: OMG. Could anyone ENGINEER a more generic woman-attracting device than hunky, pouty ?former? bad boys turned heart of gold through ?hard work and perseverance?. They?re like Luke Perry on 90210?he was bad, but deep down he?s good (*swoon*). See Barbies: re: PUKE. These guys are like the bimboys from LAST season, they?ll go far just by SHEEER fitness alone, though stumble when it comes to ANYTHING remotely cerebral (sounding JEALOUS am I? WELL I AM!!! THBBBPPPT!). And of course, the loins of the beauty queens and the former bad boys are on a one-way collision course.

Team ?SHE?S A LESBIAN!??: Not that there?s anything wrong with it?.well, according to Daddy-dearest, there seems to be as he outright BREAKS DOWN AND CRIES when he has to discuss the ?evil tainted flaw? that has besieged his daughter. EGADS!! IT?S YOUR DAUGHTER!!!! Anyways, this trip already looks like a tear-jerky soul-searching travel for both of them, so get ready for plenty of emotion and LOTS of solo piano accompaniment.

Team Flamboyantly Gay Duo (FGD): What can we do to make these two uber-flamers look even MORE gay!?!? Let?s film them getting their NAILS done in the promos!! I dunno, if I were gay, I don?t think I?d want homosexuality depicted by these two on national TV. Might as well have them in bright red velvet smoking jackets and purple foulards. ?MMMmmmmmyyyyeessssssss? And WHAT is with that guy?s forehead? I?ve never seen such a light bulb of a head since the evil scientist in Bugs Bunny!

Team Ren and Stumpy: OK?OK!!!!!! ENOUGH!!! Enough with the ?you can DO IT!? ?You HAVE the inner STRENGTH!? ?WORK THROUGH IT! RACE OVER THAT HURDLE!? ?IT?S NOT A HANDICAP! IT?S A HANDICANDO!? Ugh, I haven?t seen so much ?working through adversity? pseudo-positive motivational talk since the latest Anthony Robbins straight to video freak-fest. We get it, she?s only got one leg, wow! What an inspiration?.until she springs a leak. But hey! That only means she has to work 156% BETTER! RUN! FORREST! RUUNNN!!!

Team HOORAY FOR EVERYTHING! Ugh. Where?s the fast forward button, I?m gonna need it handy whenever HYPER-positive cheerleaders hit the screen. The pairing of these guys and the FGD?s above will make the TV implode in a black-hole of hyper-happiness. Though, it?ll be fun to watch their ?we can talk to doorknobs? giddy Super-friend happiness painfully unravel as they becaome travel-weary and start getting dragged by horses through shit in a field.

Team Black and Bitter (B&B): Hey, we?re from the South, we?re single moms, we?re completely out of shape and it?s everyone else?s fault that we can?t climb 5 inches off the ground. HEY! Who?s that that passed us in a FOOT race!? It?s the handicap girl?.? We HATE her! Hey, who?s that that passed us climbing the rope 20 feet? EVERYONE!? We HATE EVERYONE! What loveliness. Actually, I?m going to change their name from Team Black and Bitter to Team Eliminated in 2nd Leg.

Team Korean Brainiacs: Harvard Grad school? Masters degree? And they bring TOY GUNS INTO AN AIRPORT!?!?!?!!?!!!!! And this quote:
?CHINA! It?s like Korea but with more Chinese writing!? What ARE they teaching at Harvard these days?! These two seem nice, but are relying FAR too much on what they perceive to be an ?advantage? in cerebral power. This is why they came in close to DEAD last?DID they come in dead last?.bravo boys.

Team Seemed Like a Good Idea At the Time: We should go LIVE on prime time because we?re JUST dating and need to hash out ?issues? we have with each other and watch us descend into a maelstrom of venomous snitty remarks and downright loathing and hatred. Always travel to the FURTHEST GEOGRAPHICAL POINT ON EARTH before telling your spouse she/he?s a f*ing c*ck s*cker and you LOATHE them. Good strategy?..but I DO agree with him, she?s a prize.


It looks like a great season! Tune in next week!

Papa ?Eyebrow of DOOOOM? Mikey!

Deril wrote on September 18, 2006, 9:53 pm
Just watched tonight, as we had the girl's B-day party yesterday and had to tape it.

Not much to add on to Mikey's post...very detailed Hazah!

B&B are going down. I'm VERY surprised with your dark horse pick. I really don't think Cletus & Brandene are going anywhere. She's next to useless, and they came in second to last. Together, I don't think they have the brain power to turn on a light.

My dark horse is the Harvard brothers. I think they had a big scare after Team Muslim got the boot, and now they are gonna turn it up a notch.

As for ren & Stumpy...I have a small issue here. Yes she's handicapped yadda yadda yadda. I dislike when people say 'i am as good as anyone, and I can do whatever anyone can. Don't treat me different because I have a handicap etc etc etc" and then 2 minutes later she uses her handicap to get a cab. BALLS! If you are gonna talk the talk, then walk the walk (pardon the pun). In the hockey world, we call that turtling. This is when you egg on someone to fight, but when they actually accept and drop their gloves, you cover your face and drop to the ice in a defensive strategy to not get the shit kicked out of you.
I want these guys gone.
I can't even listen to team cheerleader for 3 seconds. I DID fast forward at one point cause they were driving me nuts!

Finally, the gay team (what did you call em' GFB?) Anyways...WHOA! Can you tone it down a bit??? You're gay, we got it, the whole freakin' world gets it. I don't think it could be any more obvious. In any case, I actually hope they go till final 4 just for entertainment value. These guys are fun to watch and I laughed a few times watching them. You go girls!
Deril wrote on September 25, 2006, 3:51 pm
Watched last night. Another good episode. I AM SO FREAKIN' GLAD THAT THE CHEERLEADERS ARE GONE. Aside from that they are nice to look at, it's thrown out the window very quickly when they start with the cheering. I can't believe the black moms are still around. Also, Mike "Darkhorse team" the Yokels are terrible. There's no way they're going anywhere Mikey, sorry.
Best quote "We've never seen an Asian person before, he's actually quite nice" AND (in a whispery voice to the camera) "We've never seen gay people before...we're not used to it"
Man, this stuff makes Survivor look UNracist.

Anywho. I would also like to know why EVERY year there is a dating couple where the guy is verbally abusive to the girl??

What's your rating of this movie?


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