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BTDesign Award
Shark! (1968)

Cast: Burt Reynolds, Barry Sullivan, Arthur Kennedy, Silvia Pinal

Director(s): Samuel Fuller

Language: English

Genre: Action / Disaster


An American gun smuggler (Burt Reynolds) stranded in the Middle East takes a job as a crew member aboard a marine biologist's boat. He soon discovers that the boat's owner is really after sunken gold, and the crew are all willing to double-cross each other for a chance at the booty. The final cut of the film was completed without the approval of director Samuel Fuller (THE NAKED KISS, SHOCK CORRIDOR).


motleymitch wrote on August 18, 2006, 12:45 am
Mood: It's......garbage!
Laughably bad. But accent on the 'laughably'.
This was terrible, but there were a number of tidbits that had my brother and I LOL'ing, despite the movie tryong to take itself somewhat seriously.
The title is apt, because only one shark is seen, and not too often. There are more goats, sheep and donkeys in this film than sharks, seriously. The plot really revolves around shifty gun-smugglers and sunken treasure, so the shark was a secondary factor.
And this movie is very dark - I mean that literally - I don't think they had lighting in the budget. If it was night time, they filmed and had no light. If it was day time, they filmed and had light, plain and simple. A LOT was filmed at night. (There's a scene where Reynolds actually twists a light bulb in a socket and some light shines in the room, and my brother and I exclaimed, "Finally!"). The still pics I posted below are bright, but they make up maybe two scenes in the entire movie.
And Reynolds was a prize - lighting a cartoonish stick of dynamite with his cigarette while driving and then tossing it out the window at the car chasing him. Actually, everyone in this movie smoked, often sharing a cigarette back and forth between characters. This includes a suspicious-looking 8 year old boy who befriends Reynolds. They kept cutting to close-ups of this kid's face watching the action, cigarette in mouth. Really weird.
I'm giving it one star for the unintentional laugh factor, but also because a stuntman actually died from a shark attack during filming, and they used the scene in the film - for real. They shot in shark-infested waters and I guess the budget didn't include much in the way of safety measures. The film is dedicated to the stunt people - poor guy is lucky he didn't live to see this piece of garbage that he died for.

Deril wrote on August 18, 2006, 8:14 am
Not much more I can add here. Mitch you forgot to mention the lack of sound, guess that wasn't in the budget either.

Pretty bad.
I'll give one star for the poor bastard that was eaten by the sharks (for real)
motleymitch wrote on August 18, 2006, 10:42 am
Yeah, the lack of sound....the first few minutes of the film shows a guy scuba diving and he eventually gets eaten by a shark, but the whole time there is no sound - not breathing, not music, nothing. It was like watching a Jacques Cousteau show on mute. Much of the film was had sporadic audio like this.

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