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BTDesign Award
The Facts Of Life Reunion (2001)

Cast: Charlotte Rae, Mindy Cohn, Lisa Whelchel, Kim Fields, Mark Lutz, Mallory Margel, John Bayliss, Joel Brooks, Evan Caravela, Joe Dinicol, Jennifer Foster, John Gilbert, Karen Glave

Director(s): Charles Herman-Wurmfeld

Language: English

Genre: Comedy


Thirteen years later Mrs. Garrett's "girls" have all grown into successful, independent women. After a stint in the Peace Corps with her husband, a widowed Mrs. Garrett is heading back to America, ready for a new life and new romance, and also looking forward to seeing the girls again. Blair is wealthier than ever, after building a hotel empire with her husband, Tad. But she suspects he is having an affair. "Tootie," now preferring to be called by her real name, Dorothy, has forsaken her acting ... [Get complete synopsis]


motleymitch wrote on July 15, 2006, 8:37 pm
Purists will kill me for bombing this (and I was never a huge fan of the show anyways) but this was so ludicrously worse than I ever imagined it should be.
Don't ask me why Deril and I watched this whole thing last night. I really don't know why we did. Morbid fascination perhaps. We were waiting for the arrival of Jo, our fave character, figuring she MUST show up at some point.(Our motto was, "If there's no Jo, we blow!")
As it turns out, Nancy McKeon (Jo) didn't participate in this reunion because she started filming a TV series on the same day (everyone remember the blockbuster TV hit 'The Division'? Me neither! I'm sure Nancy made the right choice though.)
Anyways, instead of Jo, we get a mini version in the form of her tomboy daughter who comes to visit. Rip-off! Mrs. Garrett is more flighty and muppety than ever (senile?), Tootie's no fun anymore now that she goes by her 'real' name Dorothy, and not to be shallow, but Natalie looks, um, the same but 20 years older, which is really not very good. For her part, Blair looks quite good, almost the same except for maybe an eye tuck. The funny thing is, most of the plot of this reunion revolves around two handsome studs competing for Natalie's love. They actually have mini-contests like Kenny vs. Spenny to see who would win her hand in marriage.
The camerawork is shaky for some reason, the locations consist of an exterior of the old school, and maybe two interiors, and a couple of car scenes.

I can't believe I'm sitting here writing all this. I can't believe we watched this whole thing. Thanks Deril!
Not even a George Clooney cameo!

Deril wrote on July 16, 2006, 12:27 am
This is as bad as it gets. Mitch & I agreed that in a matter of hours, we could come up with a better script than this.
Honestly, not even Jo could have salvaged this disastre. BALLS BALLS BALLS

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