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BTDesign Award
Angels' Revenge - Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1979)

Cast: Sylvia Anderson .... Terry Grant, Lieu Chinh .... Kako Umaro, Jacqueline Cole .... April (as Jacqulin Cole), Liza Greer .... Trish, Robin Greer .... Elaine Brenner, Susan Kiger .... Michelle Wilson, Noela Velasco .... Maria, Jack Palance .... Mike Farrell, Peter Lawford .... Burke, Jim Backus .... Cmdr. Lindsey March, Neville Brand .... Miller, Pat Buttram .... Van Salesman, Arthur Godfrey .... Himself, Alan Hale Jr. .... Manny (as Alan Hale), Darby Hinton .... Sticks, Ken Minyard .... Joe, Ralph Harris .... Billy, Howard Ray Huff .... Compound Thug, Dee Cooper .... Compound Thug, Norma Fernandez .... Housekeeper, Bert Davis .... American Rights Guard, Al Gomez .... American Rights Guard, Mickey Epps .... American Rights Guard, Cody Palance .... Beach Thug, Kenny Endoso .... Beach Thug, Mike Gugliotta .... Bobby, Patty Foley .... Backup Singer, Sheila Crews .... Backup Singer, Daniel Lemelle .... Musician, Herb Quick .... Musician, Dan Borgers .... Musician, Gene George .... School Boy, Chip Steers .... Musician, Georgette George .

Director(s): Greydon Clark

Language: English

Genre: Thriller


Mike and the 'bots groaningly endure ANGELS' REVENGE (a.k.a. "Angels' Brigade"), a cheesy, babe-o-licious 1979 jigglefest "inspired" by the show "Charlie's Angels."


motleymitch wrote on May 15, 2006, 1:46 pm
Again, rating this on its own would be so bombable, but with the MST3K hecklers, it's pure hilarity.
A blatant rip-off of Charlie's Angels, but with 7 babes (more than twice the original babe quotient!) and a cast of what WOULD be decent names of the time (Peter Lawford, Jack Palance, Jim Backus a.k.a. Mr. Howell on Gilligan's Island, and Alan Hale a.k.a. The Skipper on Gilligan's Island).
Woulda been nice to get a few more Gilliganers, but whaddaya gonna do?
I guess some of these guys REALLY needed the work, cuz the acting was totally phoned-in.
Some good zingers: "This is the first movie Jim Backus made after he died."
Also, some Angels are using a flashlight to signal some guys on a boat while the hecklers say, "Send...Acting....Coach...." ah, you had to be there.
Lots of hilarious T&A jiggling and tee-heeing among the Angels, and some 'comic relief' provided by various guards and red shirts.
There's also a music sequence with an Angel performing a really bad disco song called "Shine Your Love" in a night club, where apparently the only words are 'Shine! Shine! Shine!' ad nauseum....
....but still better than the song in 'Pod People'.

Papamikey wrote on May 15, 2006, 2:46 pm

That's like 14 TIMES THE BOOBAGE!

"I was under the impression there would be no math...."

What's your rating of this movie?


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