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BTDesign Award
Saw II (2005)

Cast: Tobin Bell, Lyriq Bent, Donnie Wahlberg, Shawnee Smith, Franky G, Glenn Plummer, Dina Meyer, Erik Knudsen, Tim Burd, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Beverley Mitchell, Tony Nappo

Director(s): Darren Lynn Bausman

Language: English

Genre: Horror


In SAW, a huge horror hit in 2004, a masked man called Jigsaw orchestrated the kidnapping of two people, chained them in a disgusting bathroom in an abandoned house, and played vicious, brutal mind games with them that potentially could lead to their freedom. Jigsaw is back for more gory fun in SAW II, but this time he comes out from behind the mask to terrorize a troubled cop face-to-face. Tobin Bell reprises his brief role as Jigsaw in the first film with a major starring turn in the sequel. D... [Get complete synopsis]


Deril wrote on April 15, 2006, 12:45 am
Very good continuation from part 1. The opening scene was great and the movie didn't let up for a minute. very stressful to watch. As I did with part 1, I watched this late at night, alone in the pitch black. AWESOME!


First off, I liked Donnie Wahlberg. The only thing else I've ever seen him in was band of brothers and he was very good in that as well. The bad guy is so damn creepy. I liked the whole plot how they find him right off the bat, and had him involved in the story. the ending wasn't as much of a shoker to me as part 1, but still well thought out and original. There will most certainly be a third installment as they left a cliff hanger ending.

I thought the cops could have been a little more clever in finding stuff out. Took an hour for the back up to get there coooome ooon. The lady cop who was supposed to be the Danny Glover expert guy was USELESS to the point where I thought she may be in on it, but no, just useless.

I also thought that the group in the house would have worked a little harder at trying to solve the riddles. You are gonna die in 2 hours, people are dying all around you and all you do is bitch-slap eachother till you're all dead.

PS. The kid was annoying and I wanted him to die. Oh well.

As far as sequls go, this was excellent

Deril wrote on July 22, 2007, 12:54 am

just re-watched with Mitch, I'm sure his review will follow shortly. I WOULD change my rating a little lower as in my re-watch I don't think it's 3.5, but still a good watch
motleymitch wrote on July 22, 2007, 10:52 am
I liked the way the first film ended, so to me, a sequel was unnecessary, but anywho....


There were no surprises here. I figured everything out WAY ahead of the inevitable plot revelations. Deril insists that this isn't a bad thing, however I submit to you that if you figure everything out before the characters do (and his film was ripe with VERY obvious clues and secrets), it lessens all shock and suspense value, especially in a so-called thriller.

That being said, the people involved were DUMB.
Same scenario: everyone wakes up in a booby-trapped house and has to solve riddles and find clues for a poison antidote that will save them. One of the people has already previously dealt with the killer. Do they listen to reason? Do they follow the clues? Do they bother to check into the most basic of logical steps? No.
Traps are set with people's NAMES on them fer chrissakes, and they stick their hands in traps and pull on boobytrapped levers anyways.
You already know it's the Jigsaw killer! EVERYTHING is a trap! Sit down together and work through the clues like HE'S ADVISED YOU TO DO!
There were so many ways to get around the traps (I was reciting them aloud, angrily).....stupid people deserve to die then.
1) Guy lying in crematorium PULLS THE CHAIN that could do nothing else but lock him in and start the flames. Stupid stupid stupid!
2) Woman sticks BOTH hands in glass box to retrieve antidote, when said box is CLEARLY set-up for her hands to be trapped by blades sawing into her. Just break the glass! (Glass? Glass? Who gives a shit about glass?) Stupid stupid stupid!
3) The hole with the needles.....just put something OVER the needles to walk on, or shovel them out with something. DON'T just jump in! (Or be thrown in). Stupid stupid stupid!
4) The Donnie Wahlberg character (admittedly well-acted) has the killer in custody from the beginning, waits until the end to beat him up, TRUSTS him to take him to the house, and LEAVES HIM ALONE in the car while he goes INTO THE HOUSE which he already knows is boobytrapped. Stupid stupid stupid!
5) The other cops get the video-feed and are SO obviously going to a decoy house. Stupid stupid stupid!

Everything this killer does is a 'game' or a trap - EVERYTHING - and everyone knows it, but everyone still plays along. What angers me is that as viewers, we are expected to be as stupid as the participants and be surprised when the shit goes down. BIG thumbs down.

Papamikey wrote on January 28, 2011, 7:16 am
STARTED watching this and realized I have NEVER seen ANY of the sequels to ANY of the Saws....

In any event, I fell asleep - from what I saw it was pretty much more of the same from the first only it took the approach of "House on Haunted Hill" and "13 Ghosts" in that there's a GROUP trapped in the maze of booby traps that, once again, look like they were set up in such a manner that there's only ONE (1) path the victims can take to trip them all. IMAGINE the sheer probability of them doing so - what if the victims simply sat down and wimpered for an hour - ALL that work to rig a gun by the peephole of the door, all for not!

Will watch the whole thing before I cast a formal review...

motleymitch wrote on January 28, 2011, 9:03 am
Though I stopped following this franchise ages ago, I look forward to your reviews after you sit through EVERY SINGLE ONE of the sequels, for reasons both bewildering and intirguing. Good idea, FOOL!

Papamikey wrote on January 28, 2011, 10:09 am
I am and always WILL be a completionist. aka: Obsessive compulsive.

If I sit down to watch an entire series, I won't stop at, say Saw IV....I NEED to see them all and it will bother me if I miss Saw V, VI, VII and the one with the silent-Q.

Which is why I'm literally bothered by the fact that we haven't seen Feast II and III at any Manos'es yet!


Papamikey wrote on February 7, 2011, 8:36 am
In the end: a big fat MEH.

I have to agree with Mitch, the characters seem to be on one of those horror/fun house tracks that basically lead them to "gotcha!" moments of Jigsaw's "reverse" moral lessons, which I found tedious and dull after seeing them 5-6 times in the FIRST film...and now I have to watch 5-6 MORE traps PER film for what? 5 MORE films?!?!


One could argue that these films spawned the whole Criminal Minds phenom...

What's your rating of this movie?


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